It does take a while due to the fact it’s based on pure luck. His poisons make… Download do World of Warcraft: Messages Sujets Recherche avancée. Très pratique pour dépanner des amis, travailler à plusieurs sur un même projet, partager des données en direct ou même utiliser un ordinateur fixe depuis un smartphone quand on est en déplacement. All I can say is this: Commentaire de GraysonCarlyle Got at least 1 change in 2.

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Commentaire de Lightshand Just won it, we killed him without any achievements, drake dropped rolled Lesson here is Master Loot even though people in your group might refuse that since well they don’t know atlaasloot and you might just ninja it! Trash is fairly easy but Skadi himself turned out to be a little tricky. Commentaire de Moeisha To all of you fellow blue proto-drake lovers: Way worth it imo for something so rare and so awesome looking, just seems so much prettier in that shade of blue than any of the other proto-drakes Got one hitted 2 secconds before the banish phase. Commentaire de Moeisha I farmed it 42 days atlaslooot I got it!

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Commentaire de hellrex81 This is 2nd hardest boss in kara and if you have never done it befor you need to be told what to do beacuse i have only done it 1 time and i didnt know what to do so when i was doing it i just hid in the corner and never attacked. Commentaire de option you’re just extremely lucky.

atlasloot 5.0.5

All 5 of us rolled and I rolled a 98! It should be noted that a person taking these beam for the entire phase needs healed atlaloot each tick of the damage aura, however, as by the end of the portal phase you’ll easily be able to be killed by two ticks.


Commentaire de pandemonic very easy as an arcane mage solo Tank him in the back, and just soak all beams. The other 2 healers did some DPS.

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You can always go with the trick of taking all 3 beams and you will be able to very easily kill him. Figured cata is coming out soon so i got my 3 character to 80 and was running Heroics for the first time to get gear and JP.

Commentaire de Kamitis ASS Votre commentaire doit être en français ou il sera supprimé. Commentaire de effingy Just soloed as Enh Shaman. I just pulled and killed him in one go standing at the same spot nuking. Commentaire de Rohitv First time in awhile I been lucky.

Such an awesome mount! During first banish phase, everyone spread evenly around him and the breaths just hit 2 ppl max. Commentaire atlaskoot Seres I believe this may be true, I’ve been farming this mount almost everyday, atlaslooot this is the first time I did the achievement and it dropped.

Commentaire de Alcasczar Many classes 85 are OP for this place even on heroic and just as a side note you can Skip the first two bosses if you wanna farm for this. I think blizzard felt sorry for me when I atlaslooot get my dps trinket but this mount is worth it. Commentaire de Talasloot My guild just downed netherspite last night, as a hunter pets really dont do anything in raid instances except sometimes help you pull or die.

What makes it even more difficult is that after each phase, you get a 2 minute debuff which prevents you from standing in the corresponding beam color. Il permet de gérer ses fragments d’ame, pierres, sorts et démons d’une manière plus efficace.

I kill him faster as survival NPCScan Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. I atlawloot tried the above suggestions. So if you have atlsaloot member having a hard time getting the portals right, help them identify their beams, ping the map of its location! Commentaire de Swordy 3rd poster to confirm this drops in the Call to Arms bag.


I did 16k dps on him, so atlqsloot can say that he is soloable: What the debuff does is reduces the healer’s MAXIMUM mana by per tick 10k when it reaches the maximum of 50 stacksand not the mana they currently have available, which will usually outpace any healing you can do. He also does a whirlwind ability which is quite annoying.

BankItems Vous avez bien envie de vous crafter un item, vous êtes presque sûr que votre reroll a les composants adéquats sans pour autant en être sûr Proto-Drake dropped times out of kills. If the tank stays in the beam for 10 stacks of the buff then moves out, lets the beam hit Spite for 5 stacks, then moves back into the atlasliot.

atlasloot 5.0.5

With the person taking the beam seccond in front of the person taking it first to ensure netherspite never get’s the benifits from this beam. If you have a DPS only toon, this is a problemas the wait time is 15 minutes, which defeats the whole point of « farming » as its not fast, how ever tanks and healers are perfect for this. Commentaire de Stealthed Confirming atlalsoot my own atlsaloot that Fury Warriors can easily solo this with barely any gear. Commentaire de infamouslink dont think so.

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